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In the next March 2019 Edition I’ll cover:

  • Why Kotlin is easier and simpler to understand than Java?
    • Smarter “if” and “when” statements. #9

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In the previous editions I have covered the following topics:

  • Courage To Be Naughty And Start Using Kotlin Today.
  • Why Kotlin is easier and simpler to understand than Java?
    • Compile-time null-safety — or why I sleep well at night. #1
    • Type inference in Kotlin, not only for variables. #2
    • Immutability as a default modus operandi. #3
    • Readability gains from the clever usage of named parameters with default values. #4
    • Proper `==` (equals) operator. #5
    • Raw and multiline strings. Trim margin and trim ident strings. #6
    • Boilerplate-less class definitions. #7
    • Improved code readability of your own code and foreign code with extensions. #8
Oleksii Fedorov

Author of Newsletter

Berlin, Germany

About the Author

Oleksii is a software crafter, mentor, blogger, writer and public speaker with a passion for professional, healthy and sustainable software development environment.

At the time of writing of this tutorial, Oleksii has done about two years of software development using Kotlin in production. He has been developing production software systems for last ten years.

Oleksii teaches software developers to write clean code in Kotlin, to be productive and effective, and to achieve their goals in software development world.

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